Courses I have taught recently…

Z652 Digital Libraries

In this course students learn to conceptualize, plan, and build digital libraries. In the process of doing that, we will learn about digitization of text and image documents, metadata, and various digital library-related technologies, standards, systems, and software.


Z604/Z672 Comic Books and Their Readers


In this seminar we will study the many ways in which readers and fans engage with comic books and comic book culture. Modes of reader engagement include correspondence and communications through print fan mail columns and social media; cosplay; fanzine production; participation in fan clubs, comics-related contests, and comics conventions; blogs and podcasts; and more. We will survey several research methods for studying reader and fan engagement, including archival research, ethnography, and text data mining.

The course is relevant both to students wishing to develop programs and resources to engage readers and others more generally interested in comics and fandom studies.

Because we will be engaging with digital media and digital research methods, this course fulfills requirements for the ILS digital humanities specialization and the IU digital arts and humanities Ph.D. minor and graduate certificate.