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  1. "The library is open!": Open data and an open API for the HathiTrust Digital Library
    J. A. Walsh ,  G. Layne-Worthey ,  J. Jett , and 4 more authors
    In Computational Humanities Research , 2023


  1. "It Was as Much Ours …": Reader Contributions to Teen Humor Fashion Comics
    John A. Walsh
    Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society, 2022


  1. Digital humanities in the iSchool
    John A Walsh ,  Peter J Cobb ,  Wayne Fremery , and 8 more authors
    Journal of the Association of Information Science and Technology, Jun 2021


  1. Encoding Newton’s Alchemical Library: Integrating Traditional Bibliographic and Modern Computational Methods
    Meridith Beck Mink ,  Michelle Dalmau ,  Wallace Hooper , and 3 more authors
    Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative, Jun 2019
  2. Safe Open Science for Restricted Data
    Beth A Plale ,  Eleanor Dickson ,  Inna Kouper , and 5 more authors
    Data and Information Management, Mar 2019


  1. "The Spider’s Web": An analysis of fan mail from Amazing Spider-Man, 1963–1995.
    J. A. Walsh ,  Shawn Martin ,  and  Jennifer St. Germain
    Mar 2018


  1. Digital Representations and the Pivotal Instability of "Donna mi venne spesso ne la mente" in the Study of the Fragmenta
    Isabella Magni ,  and  John A. Walsh
    Digital Philology: A Journal of Medieval Cultures, Mar 2016


  1. Literary empires: Mapping temporal and spatial settings of Victorian poetry
    John A Walsh ,  D Becker ,  B Demarest , and 3 more authors
    Mar 2015


  1. Russian Periodical Index Digital Project (Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh statei, 1956-1975)
    Kristine R. Brancolini ,  Michelle Dalmau ,  and  John A. Walsh
    The Serials Librarian The Serials Librarian, Jul 2013
  2. TEI Boilerplate
    John A Walsh ,  and  Grant Leyton Simpson
    Journal of Digital Humanities, Jul 2013


  1. "Images of God and friends of God": The holy icon as document
    John A. Walsh
    Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology J. Am. Soc. Inf. Sci., Jul 2012
  2. Comic Book Markup Language: An Introduction and Rationale
    J. A. Walsh
    Digital Humanities Quarterly, May 2012


  1. The liberty of invention: alchemical discourse and information technology standardization
    John A Walsh ,  and  W E Hooper
    Literary and Linguistic Computing, Dec 2011


  1. "Quivering web of living thought": conceptual networks in Swinburne’s Songs of the Springtides
    John A. Walsh
    Dec 2010


  1. Proposal for Alchemical Symbols in Unicode
    William R Newman ,  John A Walsh ,  S Kowalczyk , and 2 more authors
    Mar 2009


  1. The Digital Index Chemicus: toward a digital tool for studying Isaac Newton’s Index Chemicus
    Cesare Pastorino ,  Tamara Lopez ,  and  John Walsh
    Body, Space, & Technology, Jul 2008


  1. Multimedia and Multitasking: A Survey of Digital Resources for Nineteenth-Century Literary Studies
    John A. Walsh
    Jul 2007


  1. Digital Star Dust: The Hoagy Carmichael Collection at Indiana University
    KR Brancolini ,  JW Dunn ,  and  JA Walsh
    First Monday, Jul 2000