Z652 Digital Libraries, Fall 2023, Section 3874

A course on digital libraries and building digital collections.

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Z652 Digital Libraries, Fall 2023, Section 3874

9:10 - 11:45 Friday Myles Brand Hall (I) 232
Instructor: Associate Professor John A. Walsh, jawalsh@indiana.edu, Luddy Hall 2132.
Office Hours: See https://fantastical.app/jawalsh-r1Wz/office-hours to view availability and make an appointment.
John’s demo CollectionBuilder Sites: Rock Show, Rock Show repository, Comic Book Paratexts

Associate Instructor: Alex Wingate, alewinga@iu.edu
Office Hours: Fridays 2:30pm - 4:00pm and by appointment on Zoom (click Zoom link in Alex’s profile)
Alex’s demo CollectionBuilder site: Las Novelitas, Alex’s demo CollectionBuilder Repository

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