Z652 Digital Libraries, Fall 2022, Section 3874

A course on digital libraries and building digital collections.

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Metadata Application Profile

Due Oct. 21 at 11:59pm For this assignment, you will be designing the metadata application profile for your final project. The specified fields will include required CollectionBuilder fields, including required fields for visualization, optional CollectionBuilder fields that you are using for your project, and any custom fields that you create for your collection.

The application profile will consist of the following parts:

  1. Description of functional requirements
  2. Selection and description of elements (fields) to be used for your project.

General guidelines

  1. The format and presentation of your Metadata Application Profile must be clear, readable, and well organized. You are encouraged to follow the models and examples found in Chapter 12 of Miller’s Metadata for Digital Collections and in “Metadata Application Profiles, Records, Functionality, and Quality Examples.” from the companion website to Miller’s book, but you are also welcome to create your own variant of documentation.
  2. For any controlled vocabularies or syntax encoding schemes you plan on using, be sure to provide a link to the relevant resource.
  3. There is no minimum or maximum length on this assignment. The goal is to describe and explain the functional requirements for your metadata based on the context, content, and users of the digital collection, and then provide clear documentation about the metadata application profile deriving from those functional requirements. Use whatever space and formatting you feel best in order to make your application profile clear to the reader.

Description of functional requirements

Follow the steps outlined in this Chapter 12 of Miller’s Metadata for Digital Collections to give an analysis of the context, content, and users of your digital resources and to develop a set of functional requirements for the metadata for those resources. This should be at least a paragraph, and you are welcome to use bullet points, tables, etc. for the functional requirements if it provides clarity for the reader.

You should also indicate in this section which metadata fields (each of which you will describe further in the second section) fulfill each specific functional requirement.

Selection and description of elements

Select, customize, and document an element set and element specifications that will meet those functional requirements and connect the intended users to the digital content in the organizational context.

Your element set must include:

For all fields specify: